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Actor ❖ RCS Graduate

A bit about me:

Andy Kettu is an actor and graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  Working alongside several leading professionals during his training, Andy has had the fortune of playing a variety of roles - leading as Gideon Best in Tanya Ronder's multi-generational drama, "Table", directed by Guy Hollands, to performing Greek chorus in Seamus Heaney's "Burial at Thebes", directed by Gareth Nicholls.

Inspired by the way in which films could evoke empathy and consideration of ideas, Andy wanted to explore the connection between story and audience, and return that experience as an actor and filmmaker.  Andy also has an affinity for movement, be it improvisational or embodying characters with the nuance observed in the wider world.

Prior to RCS, Andy studied astrophysics for a short time, as well as digital media design.  Acting has proven itself to be the main hook to Andy's creativity, however he maintains a particular care for issues relating to mental health, science, geopolitics, and environment.

Andy most recently starred in In-Sook Chappell's "Mountains" directed by Jennifer Tang at the Royal Exchange Theatre, and is currently developing a story set against the backdrop of far-right populism in the western world.